Catch that ball

There is nothing better than a bit of early morning exercise to work up an appetite.

The right way to start the day

Everyone knows breakfast is your most important meal of the day.

Time to dream

"To sleep, perchance to dream - ay, there's the rub." - William Shakespeare

Balls to you all, I say!

Why do we insist on the so-called 'perfect' shapes? Wimbledon is snobbery - the awfully-perfect green spheres lobbed between players. I have deconstructed the tennis ball to show that it s more than just a 'spherical perfection'.

As we approach the Easter Feast celebrated by so many, my installation reveals that the ball is a symbol of the hare; a representation of fertility, abundant life and rebirth.

Life is more than just strawberries and cream, break open the ball and live!

Lumpy Warhol

What I always wanted

Introduction by my adoptive sister Strawbz

Growing up as a single child the one thing I always wanted, more than anything else in the world, was a little brother or sister to play with. On the 23 October 2005 my wish finally came true when my baby brother JD was born. He was just the cutest little guy ever and even though the resemblance between us only went as far as our brown hair and the 32 year age gap might seem like a problem to some, he is still the best little brother I could ever ask for.

JD (aka Lumpy) was born into a family with four legs and pointy ears but my mom quickly adopted him and it was clear from the start that he had found his rightful home. He grew very fast, as staffies usually do, but he has never lost his playfulness.

As with all little kids he had to attend obedience school. He was very shy and timid but he befriended a little dachshund that would protect him from all the big bullies, and the two of them soon became firm friends.

After school he loved to spend time with mom and her doggies, they sometimes tended to be a bit mean to him but then again they were much older and not use to having kids around.

In 2010 mom retired and was able to fulfill her life long dream of living and working in the UK. Unfortunately JD was not able to go with her straight away as she first wanted to get settled and with her new work would be away from home for weeks at a time. That is how my 'little', four-legged, brother came to live with me and my family in Cape Town where he is now pursuing his artistic dreams.

He is an absolute character and keeps us laughing all the time.